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This Idea Of “Us”

The truth is this was never supposed to happen. This idea of “us” was not the plan. I say this because a part of me, that broken part of me, is still convinced our stars did not line up together. They were never aligned. But those few bits of me you were able to save have seen all through your heart. And in your eyes they find peace, a sense of belonging. I know that I belong in your eyes and you in mine. And seeing you smile melts my heart. My stone cold heart. The fact that you see through me, through this façade of personalities I have mastered over the years, makes me want you more than anything. It is true that a fundamental part of me died, but in you I find a few living bits. In you I find a new hope. And it is that that I intend to hold onto for the rest of my life.

You see, this idea of “us” still scares me sometimes. The uncertainty of the future breaks me because I know I CAN live without you, but I don’t want to live without you. I am a broken man, a man of involuntary solitude. But when you looked past that dark side of my story, you uncovered a depth of me that I never knew even existed. It was so deep it hurt. And whenever I think about you, it hurts. But I love that pain because you are worth every bit of it. I cry when I look at you and honestly, its not tears of joy. Its because deep down I know you deserve more than just me, Way more than just “us”. I’ll hold you, I’ll hold onto those broken pieces that you gave life and in my very own awkward and strange ways, I’ll see to it that your cup never runs dry.

To be continued


Another sadness

I don’t often cry cry

But as the summer approaches

When the flowers start to bloom

when the winds send me roaming

I see lovers holding hands

and feel a sadness in my heart.

Unable to tear, not out of fear

But because I’ve been here

far too long.

Ohh I’ll keep chasing the skies

And I know, I know that love is a precious thing.

I know that.



Rain from a river

Let’s gather all our misery

From high above the hills;

Let the sadness

Run down the slopes

Into the darkest of valleys,

Down the silent streams

Slowly bypassing tearful memories.

And let the sun

Vaporise our worst fears,

Drying our tears,

And emptying our souls.

Let it all rise up

Through the emptiness of space,

High above the mountains

Into the clear blue skies

Casting a shadow,

A cloud over what’s gone.

And let’s all hold hands

As our pains slowly fall

Falling like raindrops


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i have become the very darkness I once was afraid of and believe me,
The moment people sense the darkness, they will walk away
Believe me when I tell you that “opening up” is a trap.
Some things were never meant for the ears of men.
Some truths, like dirt, are best swept under the carpet.

Loving you in bits

I can’t love you in bits.
I know I shall scare you away. I guess that’s the price I have to pay.
But I shouldn’t have to hold back pieces of my heart.
So if my kind of love scares you,
if my kind of love freaks you out,
if my kind of love is “needy” and “creepy”,
I’m more than glad to let you go.
But I can’t love you in bits, even when the world says so.
I want to love you like you deserve to be, like a queen should be loved.
I want to love every inch of you. I want to worship your soul.
And if this shall push you away, then my doors are wide open.