What Writing has taught me about mental health.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor writing and mental health

First and foremost, thank you for checking in here. It really means alot. (Its a tough industry to thrive in). Secondly, I wanted to make this announcement. I recently started experimenting with poetry (I am no professional writer so bare with me) and text that confronts how I feel. I have this crazy idea in mind. I am going to put all my pieces in a series whose title I am not going to disclose as yet. Its basically a series of poems and text I wrote at one point or the other for someone or for a particular situation. Be sure to subcribe you are posted when this project is done.

Now, mental health. I am no expert when it comes to this issue. But one thing is for sure, in this centuty of ours, its a force to reckon with. I dont want to get into the details of what got me to this point so we shall skip that and dive right into the matter at hand. So basically mental health refers to the state of the brain or the mind or both. I want to focus more on mental health as the state of the MIND. As humans we tend to be haunted by our emotions. Our emotions will control or have a very big influence on the choices we make. Since these emotions are processed by our minds/brains, emotions will surely have one of the most conspicuous effects on our mental health as humans.

If someone asked me to describe 2019 in my own words. I would say it was terrible. I would only call it terrible because my emotions were negatively affected by my situation. And that is a mistake many of us often make. We let our emotions have the bigger say in our decision making processes. Personally, not until recently, I struggled with my emotions. I actually still struggle, only this time, I dont stay folded up, under my blanket. I get up, prepare myself and out to face the world. How did I get to this point, you may ask. One possible theory, maybe, is that I am so used to getting hurt that its starting to feel normal. Its so normal these days that I sometimes can predict where things are going and that I ll end up being hurt. I am simply used to it. The socond and most important theory is the title of this post. WRITING. I have always been a deep person. I am that kind of person one would describe as a modern day Romeo. If I love, I love to deep. If I feel, I feel too deep. And I hate that I was born like this. However, I discovered a philosophy that works. A philosophy that can help put our emotions under control. It is very simple. ACCEPTANCE. I learnt that we simply struggle with emotions because of our failure to accept the negative things going on in our lives. We fail to accept the truth of the situation. From the point your brain accepts your situation, and by accept I mean really accept that something has or is happening, then you will realise that the struggle is less painful and that it is easier to get up and face your situation.

Writing, for me, has been a way of acknowledging my emotions, feelings and situations. Through writing, I have found myself learning to accept and to see the truth in certain things. I denied many things for a long time. I denied the fact that in 2019, people can still be racist. I denied the fact that race actually played a role in people´s perception  of you. I denied the fact that some people will simply never like you no matter how hard you try. It is this denial and failure to acknowledge my feelings that detoriorated my mental health for a long time. And for that matter, I fell down alot, failing to get back on my feet. Through writing, I was able to express my feelings to someone, my paper. My readers. And everytime I read what I wrote, It only sunk in deeper, forcing tme to accept that it actually exists. Writing is only one way of forcing yourself to accept your situation. It worked and still works for me. It is no guarantee that it will work for you. You have to search within yourself, search for that which will force you to accept the truth of your situation.  And when you acknowledge and accept, then you will have a lighter battle to fight.

In conclusion, I am not saying that I am now okay. The fact that life is not a constant, the uncertainity of tomorrow´s happenings means that our mental health is in one way or the other subject to our situation. However, it is how you handle and process your emotions that determines how good or how bad  your mental health will be. My 2019 has been terrible. I have however learnt more than I have my whole entire life. Today, I am a stronger healthier person thanks to all the negativity I have had to deal with. I hope to get my poetry project to a bigger audience, and even if I did not, even if people didnt like it, I wouldnt mind! I wouldnt mind because I only write to pour out my heart on paper.


Published by Solomon

I write to get a better understanding of the world, why we feel the way we feel and how we can channel our emotions to achieve greater stories

2 thoughts on “What Writing has taught me about mental health.

  1. I found your blog as I was gallivanting about the internet and I thin it’s great. I love your style of writing and the rawness that you add to it.
    I am yet to have the courage to share the honest poetry I write in my journal

    Also I relate on how writing opens us up to a better understanding of our feelings. On my blog I shared it in my blog post on a mental health self care routine.

    Great post.


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