Anja and the witch boy

To my one honest reader;

The person to whom this is dedicated to pretty much already knows themselves.

2019 has not been my best year but I wont pretend that I am shocked. (At one point we get used to bad things) I may be sad inside but I am not shocked.

I wanted to tell you a story. Its about this Danish aid worker named Anja. One fateful day as Anja was doing her work in Nigeria, she came across a very tiny boy wandering the streets. Story has it that the boy had been banished from his community on grounds that he was a witch. The boy was starving and near death, no home, no clothes, no food. Anja took the boy into her home and today Hope is very healthy and goes to school. He has a normal life and is of course, not a witch. End of story.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor nigerian witch boy saved by anja today

Its Christmas! But what does Christmas mean for us? I asked an acquaintance of mine a few hours ago what Christmas meant for her and she boldly told me, “It means nothing, Solomon.” I said, “okay, ‘ieder met zijn eigen mening’.”

As a Christian, Christmas is about Christ but that’s a discussion for another day. I think Christmas is about love. Christmas spirit can best be explained by the story above, Anja and the witch boy. Its simply special that one can dedicate their life to changing the life of another. What Anja did for that boy is what you do for all your students. Its what you did for me. What you do is simply love and I guess thats Christmas. There are no words to best say thank you except by saying, “You are the Anja Ringgren Loven in my life.” Thanks for being apart of my 2019. Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2020.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor nigerian witch boy saved by anja todayAnja and Hope a year after the rescue.

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