With these words blossomed the flowers.

And the bees embarked on their journey,

Collecting nectar, making memories

A honey so sweet lasting forever.


With these words rose the sun,

The scintillating rays penetrating this dense canopy

Shining a beautiful gold upon these dark times

And as the ants came out of their hills,

The breeze in the air was gay and clear.


With these words flew the birds,

Gliding and floating high above the sky

The clouds slowly disappeared,

Revealing a shade of blue blind to the eyes

A happiness only seen by the heart.


With these words memories were written

Hearts broken, new chapters opened.

As strangers kissed along the flowing river,

We knew that they floated on our river of tears.

And the love, our smiles only reflected.


With these words we fight these battles

Cutting loose the demons that hold us back.

We run never looking back

At our past mistakes, passions, failures and successes

We look ahead. At our dreams and hopes.

And  just keep chasing the pointless wind.


With these words I heal these wounds.

And with these words I heal you.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Most beautiful pictures of flying birds

Published by Solomon

I write to get a better understanding of the world, why we feel the way we feel and how we can channel our emotions to achieve greater stories

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