When did I get to this point?

When? Tell me, when did I lose myself?

When did I let lose and descent into this madness?

When did I get locked up in this cycle of pain?

When did I lose my way?

When did my path go astray?

Please tell me why!

Why I have no memory of this feeling called happiness?

Tell me why I cant find the ultimate joy.

Why do I feel this void?

And how can I feel this void?

Tell me when this all started!

Why don’t the stars remind me of the beauty that is life?

Why I crave for a love so far away.

Why I long for warm embrace.

And why it all seems so far away!

Why not a single soul is willing.

Willing to bring the beauty back to my world.

All I ask is an answer to these questions.

Yours faithfully


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Published by Solomon

I write to get a better understanding of the world, why we feel the way we feel and how we can channel our emotions to achieve greater stories

8 thoughts on “QUESTIONS

  1. Would be something inhuman
    not wanting a warm embrace
    things seem to be very far
    and you feel being out of place
    want answers for the questions
    why you’re having such disgrace
    expecting a soul to be willing
    to bring beauty and happiness
    but realize if this is the case,
    that some mindsets won’t let it
    the first step for us would be
    that way of thinking to erase.


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