I’ll keep going

I’ll keep going

Barefoot on broken glass and stone, I’ll keep running

I’ll bleed bearing in mind that my race is yet to finish

A race in which I’m my only competition

And my track never straight with broken glass and thorns

The hyenas and vultures of the sky will feast upon the tiny bits of flesh from my feet

And blood suckers will line up along my bloody trail

But I’ll keep going

I’ll keep going

Further into the darkness, I’ll keep running

And in that solitude, I’ll be one with the voices

The voices whispering in my mind to end it all

But I’ll never stop going, and when the bones of my feet are finally exposed, I will fall

I’ll wrap them up and keep running

And worlds will come and go leaving me in tears

But I promise I’ll keep running

Even though winning isn’t guaranteed

I’ll just keep going

Further and further till I lose myself

And I’ll go on, further to the boundaries of space

Then maybe I’ll find myself, damaged and broken

But I’ll pick me up and keep running

I’ll run this race and fight the good fight

Shall I lose? Shall I win?

Only time will tell


Published by Solomon

I write to get a better understanding of the world, why we feel the way we feel and how we can channel our emotions to achieve greater stories

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