Dancing in the rain

When the spring rains fell

And lovers danced in the fields

I hoped I’d be brought out of my hell

And let go of this protective shield

So I did

I went out dancing

Hoped that the rains touched me

Just like they did on everyone else

So I waited. Oh, I waited

It rained on and on, but never on me

But I kept dancing nevertheless

I danced alone. I danced with the stars and the moon

I danced with the dark night and the sky

I danced with myself and my solitude

Then I tired. Tired of dancing in a mirror

So I danced with men. Mad men.

Men upon whom the spring rains had poured

I still hoped the rains touched me.

And while I danced, the rains poured

They poured, but never on me.

Then men saw this and the dance was over

They walked away, away from bad karma

I stood in the rain and watched, and so did the cloudy skies

I watched with the stars and the moon

And witnessed the distance grow

And just like that, the dance was over

And yet the rains poured on.

I sit scribbling down these tearful memories

The rains still pour on those they choose.

With the rainbow as my witness

I’ve not danced with men since.

I guess every man has a lesson to learn, a part to play.

And despite all this pain

I never once questioned why!

Published by Solomon

I write to get a better understanding of the world, why we feel the way we feel and how we can channel our emotions to achieve greater stories

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