Caramel Nightingale

Dearest caramel nightingale

My thoughts are lost within your dark silky hair

I sense a bit of lavender and jasmine

So that my demons start to roam

Through this dark red ichor of mine

As red as those lips of strawberry

If I would, I’d pro’ly lick the red off

Before proceeding to adore your tender bosom

Those mounds of flesh that keep me up at night

Yes, I’d suck the skin off your nipples

And my desire for you would flourish

Like the eastern monsoons in August

Let me nibble my way down your neck

Just behind those tiny earlobes

Ears that fail to hear my insatiable desires

You will scream when I turn you around,

And pull that hair towards me so that

I see my reflection on shiny skin

I bet your back would turn into an ocean on stormy night

One so rough it will shake the gods

We’re going to leave marks on these walls tonight

My dearest caramel nightingale

Maybe that’s why the gods send the rains

To silence your moaning till morning

And when I open your hip girdles

Legs like a cherubim on winter’s night

I will lick every inch of your thigh

That way you’ll feel the pain I’ve felt all these years

The solitude that ate me up

That night, it will be just you and my demons

And I’ll suck at the heart of your femininity

In slow round patterns like a toddler does candy

Every bit of your crevice

Will feel the wrath of my tongue

And best believe when you come

I won’t stop, at least not yet

And straight onto these walls

Thrust my entire self into you

Offer you my heart and the demons with in

Still nibbling bits of your neck smooth like kings linen

I promise we’ll shake the earth tonight

The gods will question their own existence

Oh darling, the heavens will open up

Just so the angels watch us make love tonight

The stars will fall from their glory

Emptying the skies into darkness

Sit facing me, skin to skin, look into my eyes

I am all yours, and you all mine

And while your hips shake on mine

I will praise your breast in soft whisper

Our love will make Cupid and Eros jealous

So that when you rain again

Our hearts will beat in sync forever.

Published by Solomon

I write to get a better understanding of the world, why we feel the way we feel and how we can channel our emotions to achieve greater stories

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