What we can learn from the Fermi Paradox

In 1950 over lunchtime, a couple of scientists were discussing extra-terrestrial life, which at the time was a new and mind blowing phenomenon. Among them were Emil Konopinski, Edward Teller, Herbert York and the famous Enrico Fermi. During the discussion, Fermi made the famous statement which came to characterize the now well-known Fermi Paradox. He asked hisContinue reading “What we can learn from the Fermi Paradox”

Of pain and why it matters.

I always tell people that nothing good ever came out of the comfort zone. In fact, if anything, it’s the comfort zone that always holds us back. It keeps us from attaining our real potentials. As the title clearly states, I would love to discuss pain and how it is a catapult to achieve greaterContinue reading “Of pain and why it matters.”


As a young male, I’ve come to realise that the transition into adulthood from whatever stage comes before that, is one of the hardest things a man will go through. From the moment society stops considering one a child, the real world suddenly hits. You probably realise I haven’t written a thing for a while.Continue reading “3 SAD TRUTHS I’VE HAD TO LEARN AS AN ADULT”


Our existence is the embodiment of hope. The fact that you breathe is hope in itself. Life is hope. But I’ve come to understand that hope is a very dangerous thing. Hope is what breaks you. It is what brings the strongest of men (and or women) to their knees. And since life is hope and hope is dangerous, then life is dangerous in itself. You can’t live and not expect bad things to happen. At one point or the other in life, certain things shall and will happen. But because we hope only for the good things, occurrence of bad things will break us. Just Imagine winning a 5 million dollar cheque! Imagine this happening and you did not hope for it to happen? That overwhelming feeling, the adrenaline, the energy is inversely equivalent to what you feel when you break because something happened that you did not hope for.

Those that hope the most get broken hardest. But they are same people have changed the world. Hope breaks us but it is also hope that pushes us to achieve the impossible. Hope builds the world. So we can’t stop hoping simply because we don’t want to get broken. Life is a risk in itself. The uncertainty of tomorrow is the biggest risk. But to reach tomorrow, you need that hope. That hope that can get you there or break you.


Always remember that whatever you feel isn’t permanent. It doesn’t last for eternity. If you’re sad and or depressed, and its taking longer than you expected or longer than it should to fade, then you probably didn’t give yourself time to feel. You have to learn to take in the sadness. Physically cry if you feel like. When we feel things, we are easily able to let them fade you. It is probably why the intensity of the love in relationships fades. Just like love, sadness and depression are all feelings. The intensity of these feelings varies over time. Love only fades over time because we allow ourselves to feel it. Therefore, we ought to do the same for depression and for sadness. We have to let ourselves feel them.
But what happens when it doesn’t fade? Well, the truth is even when it doesn’t fade, you learn to live with it! All biological species possess the ability to adapt to changes. With time, your body can adapt to living amidst the sadness and depression. This is not something we love to hear but it’s the truth. It is easier to get work done when you understand all this. This is the importance of time. Give yourself time to get to this point.


Lets talk about RACE.

I once went to a market with a close family, and I happened to be checking out some books, novels actually. The guy at the stand stared at me for some time before he whispered to his colleague with whom they handled the book stand, “Kan hij lezen?”( which is dutch for, ‘ Can he read?’). I didn’t mind that at first because its only normal to assume that a foreigner may not speak the native language. So I wasn’t bothered, I simply acted like I heard nothing. It’s what they did immediately after that that shocked me. They giggled and chuckled softly! Well, I was shocked but simply acted like I heard nothing. The man then came out from the stand and started being very friendly, took me around the stand, told me about most of the books and we laughed over a few jokes. That night however, I kept thinking about it. The hypocrisy!

I think we all ought to look deep within ourselves and ask ourselves the big question as regards to race. “Am I racist?” And let’s not let our actions fool us because they don’t fully define us. It’s the inside that really does. And that’s something practically everyone already knows but simply overlooks. I enjoy taking walks in the evening. I was talking to a friend on one of these walks and somehow the conversation shifted to race. As we talked I asked her if she thought she was racist and to my surprise she said yes. She really said yes. To be honest I was impressed by the honesty. She didn’t look at her actions( talking part in charities and other such projects in the south) to defend herself! No! She simply looked within and said yes! I am! To put this in perspective, I am one of about 6 black students in my school. Of the 6, I happen to be the only immigrant. So when you factor in issues like language barrier, different cultural background and social life perspective, it’s really hard to make friends around here. So here I was, with probably one of the few people one may think isn’t “racial” given the fact that they willingly accepted to take a walk with me(by now you should have figured that I’m black), and yet they admitted to being you know, that word. I admired that kind of admission, because it shows there is hope. It really shows that one is well aware of what lies within them. Something, I seldom see.

Deriving creativity and growth from your emotional and mental turmoil.

SPRING BREAK 2020 Looks like the spring is right around the corner. So far so god, we could all agree that 2020 has been a disaster. I mean, it took Kobe from us, it failed to impeach the Trump, Australia was on fire and then this corona virus we all panicking about. Basically its notContinue reading “Deriving creativity and growth from your emotional and mental turmoil.”

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