Sunset of red, Sunset of Gold

Sun set of Gold One with evening’s singing birds. They sing as if calling out night. Night hiding behind endless horizon. From where sunset of gold manifests. Her rays light up that side of sky. Sunset of red, reminds me I’m not dead. Scintillating rays bleed from the clouds In whose lines of silver IContinue reading “Sunset of red, Sunset of Gold”


Then I read a BIBLE

LOVE had to be crucified so we all could live.

Thorns to the neck, he bled

Carried our cross instead

Then nailed to it like a thief

A wild dog, A worthless being.

One by one the nails went deep

Deep in the hands and feet.

And LOVE looked us all in the eye

Forgave our sins, our dirty sins.

And breathed his last.

Rain from a river

Let’s gather all our misery From high above the hills; Let the sadness Run down the slopes Into the darkest of valleys, Down the silent streams Slowly bypassing tearful memories. And let the sun Vaporise our worst fears, Drying our tears, And emptying our souls. Let it all rise up Through the emptiness of space,Continue reading “Rain from a river”

Lone Wolf

“I get lonely sometimes. No, I get lonely most times. No, No, I am just lonely” -Solomon- We’re told that it’s the words we proclaim that build us or break us. Well, I know there is some truth to that. But sometimes, words simply can’t break us any further. Instead, those meant to break usContinue reading “Lone Wolf”


‘Moonlight’ The tall dark slender shadows The contrast between deep and shallow Chirping crickets, death’s silence Remind me that never shall I be in your presence Maybe in the afterlife……   ‘Starlight’ The tiny little silverlings that line the sky The breeze on clear nights, the air so dry The depth, the distance between IsContinue reading “LIGHTS”

Falling Leaves Of Sadness

Leaves once green and succulent, Now dry and brown. One by one they fall, Only for the wind to carry round and round. And in the storm those leaves float Hoping to find self, hoping to find you. The joys that fill the cups of this world, Only empty the cup that is this heart.Continue reading “Falling Leaves Of Sadness”

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