I’ve honestly never considered Pseudoscience as an actual branch of science. It is however interesting that one of my favourite Scientists and Scientific Theories hail from this branch. Masaru Emoto ( Rest In Peace ), a Japanese Pseudo-scientist theorised that Positive thoughts and words have an effect on the molecular shape of water! Interesting. Honestly, as a science lover, that is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Recently, I sat down and thought deeply about that statement. Emoto actually carried out experiments to come to this conclusion!! Water was put in reaction vessels and frozen so as to observe the ice particles clearly with microscopic material. Two vessels were involved. One was exposed to a crowd with people thinking positive things and the other to a crowd of negativity. Apparently and according to Emoto, the results when viewed under a microscope after the experiment were interesting. The Ice flakes from the positivity crowd were more “appeasing” to look at than those from the negativity crowd.

When I thought about this whole story clearly, a number of questions run through my brain. Why would anyone, an intelligent man at that, go through all the trouble to prove such a ridiculous theory? And then it hit me! THE POWER OF OPTIMISM. Truth be told, I am a very pessimistic person. I have always been. I will have a plan A, a plan B for the plan A, a plan C for the plan B of the plan A and so forth. Over the years, my pessimism has only been getting worse and worse. Emoto was not stupid. He was trying to show the power of positive thinking. The power of being hopeful that in the middle of your storm, whatever it is, something good is coming your way. For something to change the molecular shape of anything, It should have a certain degree of strength. Just like what happens when you heat Calcium Carbonate. It will thermally decompose until you have Calcium oxide and carbon dioxide. The heat is strong enough to get a gas out of a pure solid! That is how much power your thoughts have over you. Your thoughts will determine what you do and how you do it.

A few days ago I read an interesting story about a young man in Bangladesh. Life was good until one morning he felt a “silly” pain in his left shoulder. When he went to the hospital, he was referred to do a number of tests, X-Rays, CT scans, etc…. and 10 days later he received news that changed his life forever. He was diagnosed with bone cancer! Oesteoblastoma! To make things worse, it had spread to other areas of the upper body! Now, imagine what that feels like? I then went on to read another story of a Young man who lost his whole family ( Mother, father, wife, and two kids) in just one accident! Where then does one get the strength to live in such incidents? It is stories like these that put life into perspective for me. If you ever feel like you are in the middle of worst storm of your life, think about such cases! Both these people are alive today. They have redefined their purpose to live. And they didn’t do that, by being negative about their situation. Instead,they took time off to think, to look for purpose. they were optimistic. They surrounded themselves with Positivity, with positive people.

That is a life lesson. You have to detach yourself from negativity. From people who make you feel bad about yourself. You would rather fight a storm alone than in a boat filled with negative minds, with minds that don’t encourage you to move forward, to stand your ground. Positivity will steer you in the right direction. As I mentioned earlier, I am a very pessimistic person. I struggle to be positive. I struggle to feel good about myself, to identify. But at least I am trying. And you too ought because it works. It does work. I’ve not achieved a milestone or something of the sort, but I’m where I am because I believe there is something good out there waiting for me. There is something amazing out there waiting for YOU. You just need to believe and steer yourself, your mind, your thoughts and your being in that direction.

lake near forest

“If you feel lost, hesitant, disappointed, or weak, return to yourself, to who you you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom; even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong!”


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