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I found a strange comfort in my netherworld 

Screams so loud they numbed my hearing 

I embraced the darkness till I became its very nature 

I dined with the swines and Lucifer 

I had fallen, A price I had to pay for being worthless. 

A single bridge separates my netherworld from Nirvana 

And the road to it won’t be easy 

But my sights are fixed upon it 

I have fallen. Fallen so deep, so far, my screams inaudible 

I wear my slips and blunders on my sleeve 

For all to see, for all to judge 

But my eyes are only looking at this bridge 

The bridge between my Netherworld and Nirvana 


Dancing in the rain

When the spring rains fell

And lovers danced in the fields

I hoped I’d be brought out of my hell

And let go of this protective shield

So I did

I went out dancing

Hoped that the rains touched me

Just like they did on everyone else

So I waited. Oh, I waited

It rained on and on, but never on me

But I kept dancing nevertheless

I danced alone. I danced with the stars and the moon

I danced with the dark night and the sky

I danced with myself and my solitude

Then I tired. Tired of dancing in a mirror

So I danced with men. Mad men.

Men upon whom the spring rains had poured

I still hoped the rains touched me.

And while I danced, the rains poured

They poured, but never on me.

Then men saw this and the dance was over

They walked away, away from bad karma

I stood in the rain and watched, and so did the cloudy skies

I watched with the stars and the moon

And witnessed the distance grow

And just like that, the dance was over

And yet the rains poured on.

I sit scribbling down these tearful memories

The rains still pour on those they choose.

With the rainbow as my witness

I’ve not danced with men since.

I guess every man has a lesson to learn, a part to play.

And despite all this pain

I never once questioned why!

You Are

Then my view changed,

And my past was in sight

But my future lay beyond the horizon,

In the distance together with the setting sun.

So I listened to the voices

And wrote as they spoke.

“Though you are broken as the ancient vases

Though your past covered in shame in tears

Though you may long that which you never had

‘You are’ and that means you exist

That means what’s gone cant be changed

But what’s yet to be is partly in your hands,

And partly fate”

‘You are’ and so you breathe

‘You are’ and so you live



I’ll keep going

I’ll keep going

Barefoot on broken glass and stone, I’ll keep running

I’ll bleed bearing in mind that my race is yet to finish

A race in which I’m my only competition

And my track never straight with broken glass and thorns

The hyenas and vultures of the sky will feast upon the tiny bits of flesh from my feet

And blood suckers will line up along my bloody trail

But I’ll keep going

I’ll keep going

Further into the darkness, I’ll keep running

And in that solitude, I’ll be one with the voices

The voices whispering in my mind to end it all

But I’ll never stop going, and when the bones of my feet are finally exposed, I will fall

I’ll wrap them up and keep running

And worlds will come and go leaving me in tears

But I promise I’ll keep running

Even though winning isn’t guaranteed

I’ll just keep going

Further and further till I lose myself

And I’ll go on, further to the boundaries of space

Then maybe I’ll find myself, damaged and broken

But I’ll pick me up and keep running

I’ll run this race and fight the good fight

Shall I lose? Shall I win?

Only time will tell


Sunset of red, Sunset of Gold

Sun set of Gold

One with evening’s singing birds.

They sing as if calling out night.

Night hiding behind endless horizon.

From where sunset of gold manifests.

Her rays light up that side of sky.

Sunset of red, reminds me I’m not dead.

Scintillating rays bleed from the clouds

In whose lines of silver I am a believer


Chasing the sunset

With every sunset

My vision worsened.

I chased the falling sun

So as to blur the present.

Walked through the cold

And let go of warm memories

Solitude is all I kept

So I swam and drowned in it.

And while at the bottom,

The bottom of a sea of emptiness

I found a painful redemption

One the falling sun taught me to live with.

With every sunset I heal.

I stare right into this glorious wonder.

Till my eyes make out its form

Then with my eyes I follow

As it disappears down the horizon.

With every falling sun,

My heart seems just a little whole


Of Blue Eyes

You are my muse so maybe you should know

That these scratches and scribblings someday I hope you read.

You became my muse when you brought high to my low

And smiled a smile that made souls bleed

If some day we should walk down that path

Remember that this was more than just infatuation

For clear shall be the absence of wrath

Instead, a carefully nurtured and tendered obsession.

Should I walk away, then said will it be it wasn’t real

Should I hold on, then only will I be chasing a dream

Maybe distance should be a time to heal

But then I keep running back to you my light beam

You became my muse when my suns were going down

You became my muse so my heart’s willing to drown


I wrote my love for you on the falling sun

I wrote my love for you

On the falling sun

So that every day I watched the sunset

My heart would be right there with you.

I hoped that maybe on your evening walks

Your eyes would catch the sunset

So that you would see

Everything I saw in your heart.

Even when we were miles apart,

The sunset would speak to you

And tell you everything.

Everything reality prohibited


I wrote my love for you

On the falling sun

Coz you could never choose me.

And since I had nothing to offer

Besides a wounded heart,

I figured the sunset

Was everything I could give

For whenever you shall be

The sunset will be with you

And when you fall

You will fall in glory like the sunset

Rise again like sunrise

I’ll sit and watch

Knowing you are safe and sound

Happy and healthy


I wrote my love for you

On the falling sun

Coz I love you that much

And wish you knew.


Winds of Solitude

A gushy wind carried the dust.

Large obsidian rock lay still.

I buried my heart in the cold

Where freezing wind past me by.

In that cold, my heart was warm.

At least warmer than what’s been.


Then I listened,

I listened to the winds of solitude

Gushing in the distance.

With them came liberation.

The cold brought a certain warmth.

And I wrote while I shivered

I was alone, I was sad

But I was okay.


When I found the sunset in your eyes….

I wanted to get lost in your eyes.

Just like I did staring at the sun.

I found the sun  right in your eyes.

Which I why I held on.

Every day I get to watch the sunset,

It falls leaving me behind.

So alone I hear voices

With their echoes within.

Voices telling me to let go.

So when I found the sun right in your eyes

I thought there was a chance,

A chance to watch the sunset forever.


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