In the true depth of me,

Lies a flame that wants

To light the true depths of you.

For many will only look and settle for the surface.

But my promise is that I’ll wait.

And slowly undress those layers.

And when our souls are finally naked,

The stars will dance to the tune of this love





When did I get to this point?

When? Tell me, when did I lose myself?

When did I let lose and descent into this madness?

When did I get locked up in this cycle of pain?

When did I lose my way?

When did my path go astray?

Please tell me why!

Why I have no memory of this feeling called happiness?

Tell me why I cant find the ultimate joy.

Why do I feel this void?

And how can I feel this void?

Tell me when this all started!

Why don’t the stars remind me of the beauty that is life?

Why I crave for a love so far away.

Why I long for warm embrace.

And why it all seems so far away!

Why not a single soul is willing.

Willing to bring the beauty back to my world.

All I ask is an answer to these questions.

Yours faithfully


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I see the hurting version of you,

A different version of purity.

Walking paths covered in dew.

Your flesh thorned and speared by love.

Your entire existence shadowed by pain.

I see the storms forming above.

Yet fear I see not in your eyes.

By the day you face the darkest of fears.

And the wait by night as the pain dries.

In you a ruthless Viking I see,

I see footprints all over this valley of tears.

Yet in the storms you stand like a pirate at sea.

Like healthy seed you will sprout,

Like the cedars of the west your roots will pass the test of time.

And like the palms of the east, you will rise high above.

And when the clocks of men finally stop ticking,

This version of you will bear witness to an everlasting happiness.

HOPE, A poem by Solomon

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 The winds are stronger than ever.

In them whispers of my worst float.

With those winds my demons come to light.

Demons desperate for acceptance, for salvation.

In those ears tales will be told,

Tales of my past, tales of my worst.

And with those winds you will float.

Like a fleet of birds migrating late in the summer.

In those winds legends shall spread,

And despise for the poet shall follow.

But the isolate poet will write.

The isolate poet will cry.

And the world will smile.

The whispers in the wind shall destroy the little we had.

And those eyes shall see these demons.

The phoenix I am, the monster, the curse.

And in a dark silent room,

The lone poet shall continue to write

To write to you, to write for you.

For that heart will not be to blame.

To blame for being carried by the wind,

To blame for having seen those demons

To blame for listening to the whispers

For it remains humble, innocent and pure.

Just like it was when it all started.

And after the winds die down,

And the whispers slowly diminish,

In that silence the lone poet will wait.

Ready to show the truth.

Along with all the ghosts of the past.

And maybe in that world,

A world far far away.

A world of colour, roses and unicorns,

Smiles and rainbows in the snow,

The winds shall whisper yet again.

In a different voice, in a different tone

One I hope remains in that heart for eternity.


……… a dark cold quiet lonely studio apartment

A lone poet scribbles on paper.

With a blue pen and bleeding heart.

The words float in the blood.

And the blood flows in search of you.



A noisy silence,

A painfull paralysis

Weigh down the sternum.

One with the wind, one with space.

Blue oceans short of life, dark!

So dark vision only but a dream

Masks of smiles and laughter

Hide a void so deep, echoes of silence can be heard

In the dark on the sunniest of days.

A life without gravity, an endless floating.

Efforts! They hit dead ends.

And the outflowing energy, never coming back.

Connected on the surface and yet in truth dejected.

Attached at the ends, let loose at the sight of the morning star.

Motionless even at the centre of tornadoes.

These thunderous storms only heard within.


The winds of the west are now past.

The monsoons will soon be by

Through earthquakes, storms, el Nino you lived.

Low at high tide, Lower at low tide.

You went back to olden days when men gathered to survive.

Only you gather hope,

Too see the moons and stars of tomorrow.


Let this ink dry between these lines

And as those eyes run upon these twisted words

Hope shall flow like a river down the African plains,

From the curse that I am, to the perfection you are.

CHASM, a poem by Solomon

Because You Are special….

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Walking down this isle of happiness

Reminds me what a treasure you are.

Made with so many flaws,

Yet perfect in every other way possible.

May these tears I cry

Fill your jar of memories.

A gift for your perfection.

And as long as time shall be,

You remain my perfect imperfection.



PS: As I listened to ‘Dream a little dream of me’ by Yiruma, many thoughts came to mind and as my mind raced through the memories, these words couldn’t help but flow out.

Inspiration dates back to 1000 light years

Hope you liked it.


With these words blossomed the flowers.

And the bees embarked on their journey,

Collecting nectar, making memories

A honey so sweet lasting forever.


With these words rose the sun,

The scintillating rays penetrating this dense canopy

Shining a beautiful gold upon these dark times

And as the ants came out of their hills,

The breeze in the air was gay and clear.


With these words flew the birds,

Gliding and floating high above the sky

The clouds slowly disappeared,

Revealing a shade of blue blind to the eyes

A happiness only seen by the heart.


With these words memories were written

Hearts broken, new chapters opened.

As strangers kissed along the flowing river,

We knew that they floated on our river of tears.

And the love, our smiles only reflected.


With these words we fight these battles

Cutting loose the demons that hold us back.

We run never looking back

At our past mistakes, passions, failures and successes

We look ahead. At our dreams and hopes.

And  just keep chasing the pointless wind.


With these words I heal these wounds.

And with these words I heal you.


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Pigs and Vultures

I closed my eyes for just a second

And my life story flashed before me.

I saw you and all the pain you caused.

I saw me before I got shattered.

Too shattered so that you must keep a distance

Or else these broken pieces will incarcerate you.

Stay away for I eat with the pigs and vultures,

Where I belong.

And who am I, but a man, to break another?


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