When I found the sunset in your eyes….

I wanted to get lost in your eyes. Just like I did staring at the sun. I found the sun  right in your eyes. Which I why I held on. Every day I get to watch the sunset, It falls leaving me behind. So alone I hear voices With their echoes within. Voices telling meContinue reading “When I found the sunset in your eyes….”

Falling Leaves Of Sadness

Leaves once green and succulent, Now dry and brown. One by one they fall, Only for the wind to carry round and round. And in the storm those leaves float Hoping to find self, hoping to find you. The joys that fill the cups of this world, Only empty the cup that is this heart.Continue reading “Falling Leaves Of Sadness”

A Thousand Light Years

  ‘Of blue eyes and tender skin’, An innocence that puts my demons to sleep. Demons that keep me up all night. Of rosy lips and silky hair, Eyes that manifest my every fear, Fear that eats up my lost broken soul. Of GRACEFUL nature and NOBLE character, Beauty that awakens my deepest desires. DesiresContinue reading “A Thousand Light Years”

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