Lone Wolf

“I get lonely sometimes. No, I get lonely most times. No, No, I am just lonely” -Solomon- We’re told that it’s the words we proclaim that build us or break us. Well, I know there is some truth to that. But sometimes, words simply can’t break us any further. Instead, those meant to break usContinue reading “Lone Wolf”

On my way back home…

I walked in straight lines. My feet carefully marking the street pavements. I then walked in diagonals Carefully marking the blocks with my sole. I walked with my face down Painfully acknowledging the pain and shame within. I walked with these demons, And they feasted on my failure. It was at this point that IContinue reading “On my way back home…”

What Writing has taught me about mental health.

First and foremost, thank you for checking in here. It really means alot. (Its a tough industry to thrive in). Secondly, I wanted to make this announcement. I recently started experimenting with poetry (I am no professional writer so bare with me) and text that confronts how I feel. I have this crazy idea inContinue reading “What Writing has taught me about mental health.”

A Thousand Light Years

  ‘Of blue eyes and tender skin’, An innocence that puts my demons to sleep. Demons that keep me up all night. Of rosy lips and silky hair, Eyes that manifest my every fear, Fear that eats up my lost broken soul. Of GRACEFUL nature and NOBLE character, Beauty that awakens my deepest desires. DesiresContinue reading “A Thousand Light Years”

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