Chasing the Northern Lights

Prologue He travelled to all four corners of the earth in search of the light. And he got nothing but scars to show for it. And one fateful day he found something strange. It was neither dark nor bright, some called it twilight, others called it nebula. So the poet accepted his fate and madeContinue reading “Chasing the Northern Lights”

Caramel Nightingale

Dearest caramel nightingale My thoughts are lost within your dark silky hair I sense a bit of lavender and jasmine So that my demons start to roam Through this dark red ichor of mine As red as those lips of strawberry If I would, I’d pro’ly lick the red off Before proceeding to adore yourContinue reading “Caramel Nightingale”

Screaming into the darkness

I’d prefer a full moon any day To those halflings in the sky every now and then Yes they shine, they really do But I guess its not always the light that counts Sometimes, it’s actually the darkness The contrast between the white and black of the night It’s the effect it leaves on aContinue reading “Screaming into the darkness”

Life through a glass window

Tiny raindrops cascade down my glass window As the winds scatter the falling waters outside Trees shake in song The cold breeze sweeps across the street A squirrel runs in search of shelter; In the distance, lovers hold hands under an umbrella Unbothered by nature’s cries of joy Unbothered by the passing storm ‘blink’ thenContinue reading “Life through a glass window”


I found a strange comfort in my netherworld  Screams so loud they numbed my hearing  I embraced the darkness till I became its very nature  I dined with the swines and Lucifer  I had fallen, A price I had to pay for being worthless.  A single bridge separates my netherworld from Nirvana  And the road to it won’t be easy  But myContinue reading “BRIDGE BETWEEN NETHERWORLD AND NIRVANA”

I’ll keep going

I’ll keep going Barefoot on broken glass and stone, I’ll keep running I’ll bleed bearing in mind that my race is yet to finish A race in which I’m my only competition And my track never straight with broken glass and thorns The hyenas and vultures of the sky will feast upon the tiny bitsContinue reading “I’ll keep going”

Sunset of red, Sunset of Gold

Sun set of Gold One with evening’s singing birds. They sing as if calling out night. Night hiding behind endless horizon. From where sunset of gold manifests. Her rays light up that side of sky. Sunset of red, reminds me I’m not dead. Scintillating rays bleed from the clouds In whose lines of silver IContinue reading “Sunset of red, Sunset of Gold”

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