I wrote my love for you on the falling sun

I wrote my love for you On the falling sun So that every day I watched the sunset My heart would be right there with you. I hoped that maybe on your evening walks Your eyes would catch the sunset So that you would see Everything I saw in your heart. Even when we wereContinue reading “I wrote my love for you on the falling sun”

Lonely spring evening

As the engines roared, Thick black smoke danced In search of the heavens above. Metals cut the ground open. The pain one could only imagine. Symmetrical lines mapped the fields, Whose green once housed thousands of arachnids. Then the Lord watered the earth. The thirst, the hunger for growth And the master sowed his seed.Continue reading “Lonely spring evening”

A mother’s tears

Her tears were only paralyzed. Paralyzed emblems of hope. Hope that her suffering today Would wipe away your tears tomorrow. She missed  the sunset But found a full moon. Whose light was everything. Everything she loved about the sun. But then the darkness came And flying stars lit up the skies. Stars that granted wishes.Continue reading “A mother’s tears”

Why does brown too have to be black?

Close your eyes and picture heaven. Beautiful isn’t it? It was bright and white I’m guessing. Now do the same, only this time, Hell. So my question: Why does brown also have to be black? The good jobs, ‘White’ collar, aren’t they? The illegal stuff, black. Black jobs we call them. The beautiful princess wasContinue reading “Why does brown too have to be black?”

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