A recently caught up with a few friends of mine from school. One of them is David. I have known this guy since 2006. Davis a writer, performer and entrepreneur. We had been talking for some time when something struck me. David takes pride in talking about his past, something I seldom do. We talked about everything from life in boarding school to our first encounters with the fairer sex.

I barely talk about my past and when I do, there is things I choose not to say. There is memories that I have completely shaded black. Sometimes it’s like they don’t even exist. And other times, well I’d rather not mention.

What really breaks us to this point? What has the power to bring a whole man to his knees? I play rugby and on that field, despite all the pain, nothing and I mean nothing can get a tear out of me. So what are these things that really make us cry?  What exactly is it that creates all these hurtful memories we harbour within us?

Our existence is the embodiment of hope. The fact that you breathe is hope in itself. Life is hope. But I’ve come to understand that hope is a very dangerous thing. Hope is what breaks you. It is what brings the strongest of men (and or women) to their knees. And since life is hope and hope is dangerous, then life is dangerous in itself. You can’t live and not expect bad things to happen. At one point or the other in life, certain things shall and will happen. But because we hope only for the good things, occurrence of bad things will break us. Just Imagine winning a 5 million dollar cheque! Imagine this happening and you did not hope for it to happen? That overwhelming feeling, the adrenaline, the energy is inversely equivalent to what you feel when you break because something happened that you did not hope for.

Those that hope the most get broken hardest. But they are same people have changed the world. Hope breaks us but it is also hope that pushes us to achieve the impossible. Hope builds the world. So we can’t stop hoping simply because we don’t want to get broken. Life is a risk in itself. The uncertainty of tomorrow is the biggest risk. But to reach tomorrow, you need that hope. That hope that can get you there or break you.

And if you are broken, it is only hope that can collect those pieces and make you whole. Then it will break you again and rebuild you. And then you will learn that living is risky. And a risk can result in all sorts of things, good or bad. But with hope, you move on regardless of circumstance.


Published by Solomon

I write to get a better understanding of the world, why we feel the way we feel and how we can channel our emotions to achieve greater stories


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