Chasing the Northern Lights


He travelled to all four corners of the earth in search of the light. And he got nothing but scars to show for it. And one fateful day he found something strange. It was neither dark nor bright, some called it twilight, others called it nebula. So the poet accepted his fate and made his peace with it. He made his peace with darkness.

A letter to Aurora

Dear Aurora,

I missed the coming of the sun

On the morning you ran across the sky.

I really wish I hadn’t, for now my destiny seems hazy

And these walls! They drive me crazy

Maybe you can talk to Sol, or Lunar!

Because on those nights I lie awake in the dark

It’s the moon and stars that give me hope

And just before dawn, I always hear your footsteps

Then you whisper a new day, and new light!

Oh! Believe me, I do hear your footsteps every morning

Not because they wake me, but because my eyelids can’t shut out the darkness

I watch you make your voyage across the heavens

To announce the coming of a new sun

I miss those days, when we all had faith in the light

When a new sun came with a new hope

And there are days I want to roam the earth with you Aurora

In the hope that one day I’ll find the northern lights

Will you hold my hand? Will you hold me close?

So that I may not shatter when the bolts finally strike

Hold me whilst the lights do their magic

Maybe I’ll heal. Or maybe it’ll be tragic

So if it all goes south, promise to let me go

Leave my soul behind at the mercy of God

On a large rock in a tiny stream

Then the waters will wash away this agony

But if I should make it out alive

Teach me the ways of the mirthful

Show me, Aurora! Show me ‘Normal’

Because there are days I get so lost within myself I forget how ‘to be’

And on other days I wish I lived out of my head

Like a bird high up in the clouds, or a penguin at the poles

Teach me the difference between warm and cold

For cold I know, but warm I’m clueless

And just as slowly as I got to this point

Lead me away, far north, to see the northern lights

In all their glory.

The Northern Lights


Published by Solomon

I write to get a better understanding of the world, why we feel the way we feel and how we can channel our emotions to achieve greater stories

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